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For representation or assistance in Texarkana or New Boston, TX, turn to our office. Jerry D. Rochelle District Attorney's Office represents the State of Texas and its citizens. We're here to listen to your concerns, support the community and serve the public at large. Jerry D. Rochelle has been practicing law for over 33 years and has served as a district attorney since 2011.

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How we serve the community

Whether you need representation or you have a question about the jury selection process, we can help. You can turn to our district attorney's office for:

  • Representation, if you're a victim of a crime
  • Assistance with understanding the jury selection process
  • Information about cases brought by the State or the community

We work to remain aware of the situations developing in the community, and we're accessible to members of the community when needed. Email us now if you're seeking assistance.


Making our office accessible to you

When you need help from a local attorney's office, you can turn to us for support. At our DA's office, you'll find a dedicated team at your disposal. Our attorneys and legal assistants work hard to serve the needs of every individual. We strive to be accessible so you'll be able to reach our office when you need help. Our team focuses on clear communication and will keep you informed about developments in your case.

Speak with a representative of our local attorney's office today.