Learn More About District Attorneys

Our prosecution attorneys serve Texarkana and New Boston, TX

Once your day in court comes, it will be the primary focus of the district attorney's office. Jerry D. Rochelle District Attorney's Office serves Texarkana and New Boston, TX. When you reach out to our office, we'll assist you throughout the legal process.

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What does a DA do?

Want to learn more? A district attorney or prosecution attorney serves the community by means of:

  • Prosecution - prosecuting criminal cases on behalf of the State
  • Legal strategy - working with legal staff to develop case strategies
  • Charging decisions - deciding what charges to bring against a defendant
  • Community engagement - engaging with the local community to address concerns
  • Representing the State - bringing forward the interests of the State of Texas and the community
  • Plea negotiations - engaging in plea negotiations, trading lesser charges and a reduced sentence for a plea
  • Grand jury presentations - presenting evidence to determine probable cause to indict a suspect and proceed with a trial

A prosecution attorney works diligently to serve the State and protect the community. Speak with an attorney in our office about your concerns today.