Have a Question About Jury Selection?

We're here to assist you in Texarkana or New Boston, TX

If you received a jury summons, the Bowie County District Clerks office is here to assist you. We can answer your questions about the process, exemptions, and more. Contact us now at 844-340-5510 for more information about jury selection, or visit https://jury.bowiecounty.org.

What to do when you've been summoned

You've been notified that you've been selected for jury duty - now what? After you receive your jury summons, you'll want to:

  • Fill out the eligibility questionnaire online prior to arriving at court
  • Go through the exemptions and eligibility process in court
  • Find out if you're selected for jury duty

If selected, you'll be sworn in for the duration of the trial. You'll be expected to listen to evidence, follow the judge's instructions, deliberate with other jurors and reach a verdict based solely on evidence presented in the trial. If you have any remaining questions about the jury selection process, speak to one of our associates today.