Are You Seeking Representation?

Find out more about victim representation in Texarkana or New Boston, TX

Victim representation is an essential part of the work the DA's office takes on. Jerry D. Rochelle District Attorney's Office is here to assist you in Texarkana or New Boston, TX. Our team will keep you informed and in the loop as much as humanly possible throughout the legal process, and provide you with the support and advocacy you need.

Reach out to us now for information about our victim witness assistance program.

What to do when you need representation

Do you need victim representation services? You'll want to:

  • Start by contacting the DA's office
  • Provide as much case information as possible, including details about the incident
  • Submit supporting evidence, like police reports, witness statements and more
  • Attend meetings or hearings with the DA's office to discuss the case
  • Cooperate with the DA throughout the legal process

Our victim witness assistance program can provide you with support. Contact us today for representation.